Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A local elementary school in Fort Lauderdale is planning an educational field trip for 5th grade students to visit a marine science center and aquarium. The school arranges a charter bus rental for the day to transport 50 students and chaperones. They book a 56-passenger charter bus at a rate of $280 per hour. The bus picks them up at 8 AM and drops them off at 5 PM for a total of 9 hours, costing $2,520. With a 10% tip for the friendly and professional team, the total comes to $2,772. The marine science center offers discounted group rates for student field trips. Admission for the students is $8 per child and chaperones get in for free, costing the school $400 total. The charter bus allows the school to easily transport a large group of students and provide a fun educational experience within their field trip budget.

Example #2:

A Fortune 500 company based in New York is planning a 3-day corporate retreat in Fort Lauderdale for 75 senior executives. They want to arrange group transportation to team building activities during the day and exclusive restaurants and entertainment venues at night. We provide a quote for a 56-passenger luxury coach at $250 per hour. This covers roundtrip airport transfers for the 75 attendees flying in from New York and transportation to all corporate events over the 3 days from 9AM to midnight each day. In total, the quote is $22,500 for 90 hours of service. This comes out to $300 per executive for reliable, high-end transportation allowing them to conduct business and build relationships without logistical concerns. As part of the package, we include complimentary WiFi, laptop charging stations, and a professional uniformed team trained in corporate client service. We also include 5% gratuity per charter in the overall quote. To ensure timeliness, we have backup team and coaches on standby if needed. We are confident this quote provides excellent value for seamless, luxury ground transportation crucial to a successful corporate retreat.

Example #3:

A local youth soccer club in Fort Lauderdale is planning an end-of-season tournament and wants to arrange transportation for the teams coming from out of town. They expect around 300 players ages 8-12 plus coaches and family members, estimating around 500 people will need transportation. They decide to rent 10 56-passenger charter buses for the weekend to shuttle people between hotels and the soccer complex where games are being held. The tournament organizers work with a local charter bus company to create custom schedules picking people up on Friday evening when teams start arriving, providing continuous shuttle service on Saturday and Sunday during games, and taking people back to the airport Sunday evening. The charter bus company quotes them $250 per hour per bus. With 10 buses rented for 12 hours on Friday, 16 hours on Saturday, and 8 hours on Sunday, the total rental time is 360 hours. At $250 per hour per bus, the total quote comes out to $90,000. The tournament organizers add an 18% tip for the exceptional service, bringing the grand total to $106,200 for reliable, comfortable transportation for all their out-of-town guests over the tournament weekend.

Example #4:

A bachelorette party of 10 friends decides to rent a party bus for a full day of adventure in Fort Lauderdale. They book the 20-passenger “Beach Blast” bus, which features leather seats, neon lights, bluetooth speakers, and a dance pole. The bride-to-be works with the company to plan stops at trendy brunch spots, the beach for sunbathing and volleyball, bottomless mimosa happy hours, and a drag queen show. The 12-hour rental costs $300 per hour, totaling $3,600. This works out to just $360 per person. The bus picks the group up at 10 AM from their beachfront hotel and makes four different stops around town for meals, drinks, activities, and entertainment. At 10 PM, the bus drops them back off at their hotel after an epic bachelorette bash. To thank the exceptional party bus team, they tip him 15%, adding $540 to the total for a grand price of $4,140. The per person cost comes out to $414 after tip, which they happily split between cards. It was worth every penny for a day of stylish, turn-key fun in the Fort Lauderdale sun.

Example #5:

A bride and groom are getting married in Fort Lauderdale and have invited 150 guests. They decide to rent a charter bus to transport their wedding party and immediate family members between the hotel, ceremony, and reception locations. They rent a 40-passenger luxury charter bus for 10 hours at a rate of $280 per hour, totaling $2,800. The bus picks up the wedding party from the hotel at 9 AM to transport them to a brunch, then to the ceremony venue at 2 PM. After the ceremony ends at 4 PM, the bus takes guests directly to the reception venue across town. At 1 AM when the reception ends, the bus transports the remaining guests back to the hotel. The bride and groom add a 10% tip for the charter bus team, bringing their total transportation cost to $3,080. With 40 passengers transported for the full day, the cost per person is only $77. The charter bus allows everyone to travel together in comfort and style while keeping the wedding events on schedule.

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